“Searching for profound moments of happiness” 
Breaking the “structure” of the computer & this idea of “perfect design” has liberated me.  The imperfections of the crayon, the way is blends into the other colors is... beautiful. I faked confidence in the beginning, fearing that it wasn’t going to be “beautiful” because it wasn’t perfect. I made myself embrace it, even though it was so incredibly uncomfortable.  I embraced the unknown & while embracing I discovered this is what happiness is. 
It’s embracing imperfect moments, being present both physically and mentally.​​​​​​​
The Book: 
 Happiness is an abstract concept that is unique for everyone that experiences it; with this in mind the idea of vibrant colors and child-like perceptions were what I used to nail down my design decisions. 
For my book I decided to use exclusively crayon and vibrant colors in the "child-like" mind of just mindlessly creating for pure enjoyment; no motive, no reason, just purely embracing each color, shape, scribble, and being in the present mind. 
Each page was created a specific location that made me happy.
The Experience: 
Taking my exploration a step further I created an experience for viewers to experience being in the moment and to "stop & stay awhile".  
For this technique I animated frame by frame using crayon as my medium, scanned each image into the computer, and composited in adobe's after effects. For the audio I used a creative commons piece that I edited in adobe's audition and reversed it. 
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