Levi's Jeans
Proposed Problem:
How do retail companies, like Levi's, engage & gain brand recognition from millennials through a campaign?
Pioneering in creating sustainable jeans with their
Water < Less 
Waste < Less 
Keeping Levi's Well thread Collection in mind. I propose to create a campaign using a surrealist approach by highlighting the natural components that goes into creating their jeans & how they belong naturally to the consumer.
Honing in on Levi's sustainability initiatives for better cotton & less water I propose we stop selling to millennials & we engage them through art. 
We will break the mold of the most indestructible jean.
Mood Board:
Naturally You
Naturally You is chic, alluring, and risqué. 
It goes beyond the average campaign, its a work of art showcasing the beauty and sustainable effort that Levi's puts into making their jeans. 
Its captivating & doesn't bombard our audiences by making them want to press skip.
Proposed commercial:
Web & social media 
Dare to be different, set the standard. 
Live in Levi's. #NaturallyYou

Programs used: 
Adobe's Photoshop, and After Effects 
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